October, 2002 The PL4C Tech. Sol. has started.

March, 2003 The Elite Partnership Agreement was signed with Juniper Networks.

August, 2003 The Inönü University Project was finished.

December, 2003 First Backbone Project of Juniper Networks, was done.

March, 2004 First Juniper Networks Enterprise Project was done.

February, 2005 The first L2 MPLS Migration Project’ s POC Lab Works was finished in TURKEY.

August, 2005 IP MPLS Telecom Backbone Turn-Key Project with 22 POP agreement was signed.

December, 2005 The first IP MPLS Migration Project in TURKEY was finished.

February, 2006 Turn-Key Telecom Backbone was serviced.

August, 2006 Juniper Networks course for EGM Polnet Group was finished.

September, 2006 The training courses of Juniper Partners in TURKEY was finished.

April, 2007 PL4C Tech. Sol. moved to Kadıkoy Office.

June, 2007 The Technical Support Office established with PL4C Tech Sol. and Elkotek.

April, 2008 OTDR course of Turk Telekom Fiber Group was finished.

December, 2008 The Turkcell Symetricom Sencronization Project’s first stage was finished.

March, 2009 CD-PMD course of Turk Telekom Fiber Group was finished.

February ,2010 JDSU company, the world's leading communications sector agreement was made with the training center. With this agreement, JDSU's Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East have become an authorized training center.