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VSS Monitoring is the leader in network intelligence optimization systems, allowing you to make optimal use of analytics, security, and WAN acceleration tools. VSS has the broadest product portfolio to meet every customer need, no matter

 what size or budget. VSS distinguishes itself as the only vendor offering optimization solutions for the entire network intelligence ecosystem. All VSS product is developed, manufactured, tested, and shipped from our facilities in Silicon Valley, USA. 

VSS provides a highly scalable, systems-based approach to network intelligence optimization. With the vMesh and theIntelliScale Architecture, up to 63 vNodes can be interconnected to form a fully-redundant, self-healing, scalable traffic access architecture, providing complete network visibility, user-controlled network data access, greater operational efficiency and better ROI. 

Our broad portfolio offers:

Distributed Series
Network Intelligence Optimization System for Passive Tools

The Distributed Series are designed to passively tap inline to networks links or connect to SPAN ports for capturing and forwarding traffic to passive network monitoring tools or network security tools. Whether you need 1G or 10G, copper or fiber, or a mixture of the aforementioned media and speeds, we have the right solution for you. Comprehensive suite of traffic processing features is available for traffic grooming, packet optimization and failsafe monitoring that will enable you to maximize and scale your traffic access while improving the efficiency of your monitoring tools and true end-to-net visibility into your network infrastructure.
Protector Series
Network Intelligence Optimization System for Active/Inline Tools

The Protector Series allows you to incorporate active/inline network intelligence appliances (such as intrusion prevention systems, proxy servers, and WAN acceleration controllers) into your network intelligence optimization architecture. Only VSS' Protector Series allows filtering, load-balancing, and speed and media conversion of traffic to your active security and performance tools, while maintaining high availability and defining the TAP's triggers based on the security levels needed for your network infrastructure.

VSS Distributed Taffic Capture System(DTCS)

VSS Protector Series
Finder Series
DPI Content Matching and Filtering System

The Finder Series provide Deep Packet Inspection (DPI-based) content marching and filtering with VSS Network Intelligence Optimization Systems. Designed for warrant-based applications, the ObjectFinder feature set enables true DPI for content matching and object detection such as unique email address IDs.
Traditional TAPs
Test Access Points (TAPs)

The Traditional TAPs portfolio includes basic network TAPs, TAP and Span Switches, Regeneration TAPs, and Span Port Aggregators. Whether you need to simply attain 100% network visibility on one access point, reduce the number of network interface cards (NICs) on your monitoring appliances, increase visibility to a specific capture point, or have 100% secure and passive optical access to a link that will ultimately work in conjunction with a DTCS architecture; these products will meet or exceed your requirements.

VSS ObjectFinder Series

VSS Network TAPs,  Aggregation TAPs, Regeneration TAPs, TAP Switches