Quality of Service



High Performance Service Assurance
with Intelligent Demarcation

Standards-based Ethernet and IP services with carrier-grade performance for even your most demanding applications.

Powered by Accedian Network's High Performance Service Assurance™ platform, our EtherNID®MetroNID® and MetroNODE 10GE family of demarcation and OAM aggregation devices enable end-to-end service provisioning and assurance with carrier-grade performance. They feature the industry's most comprehensive remote test and performance monitoring functionality, as well as advanced service creation and traffic management capabilities that enable premium services backed by assured service level agreements (SLAs). And with their unique hardware-based architecture, they deliver the most precise in-service measurements available, without adding delay or delay variation to pass-through traffic. 

EtherNID family
EtherNID family Designed for service demarcation at the edge of your network, our EtherNID® demarcation device offers advanced, high performance service assurance and creation directly from your customer premises and cell-sites. With a full range of Ethernet rates and interfaces, the comprehensive EtherNID family fits your network from end-to-end.
MetroNID family
MetroNID family Our high performance MetroNID® demarcation device provides carrier-grade demarcation within metro and access networks. Designed for cellular hubs, aggregation nodes, and subscriber CPE, MetroNIDs segment, monitor and bridge diverse networks, delivering high-density OAM and performance monitoring visibility.
MetroNID GPS Family
MetroNID GPS family Our high performance MetroNID® GPS demarcation device is designed to assure real-time services with an embedded GPS receiver that provides highly accurate clock synchronization for 1-way measurements of delay and delay variation of Ethernet links with guaranteed 1 microsecond precision. It’s the ideally-suited for mobile backhaul networks where your competitive edge is tied into the accuracy of your network performance measurements.
MetroNODE 10GE Family
MetroNODE family The MetroNODE 10GE high performance service assurance demarcation and OAM aggregation nodes provide the most accurate, lowest delay, highest capacity service assurance capa¬bilities with wire-speed, high-density monitoring and advanced service creation capabilities seamlessly integrated into a reliable, compact and power-efficient package. Developed in response to demand for ever increasing accuracy and capacity in service performance monitoring equipment, the MetroNODE 10GE’s ultra low delay 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) service assurance platform is based upon our award-winning 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) NIDs.