Data / IP Networks
The foundation of networks a source of data correctly at the right time to recipient is based on. Personnel working on the network infrastructure, network infrastructure, a problem emerged at the time of intervention and develop a solution working with Internet protocols and Internet protocols used on the necessary to have knowledge of hardware and security issues new technologies need to follow infrastructure, applications, users must have efficiency-enhancing activities such as planning. So be aware of a lot of network infrastructure and personnel are expected to use initiative. PL4C Technology Solutions , the network infrastructure to our customers and staff training of individual employees corporate customers who want to improve, our training on the Data & Networking include:
Ethernet-Based Technology-Principles, Concepts and Standards Length: 30 hours
TCIP / IP Routing - Understanding the Internet Protocols, and Implementation Period: 30 hours
MPLS & VPN Fundamentals and Technology Duration: 20 hours
Next Generation Networks - VoIP (Voice over IP communication) and SIP Duration: 20 hours
IP Multimedia Subsystem-IMS-Time: 20 hours
Carrier Networks Fiber Channel Duration: 10 hours
Ethernet / IP Networks and Advanced Problem Solving
Protocol Analyzer Software Applications Analysis-Practical Time: 30 hours
Ethernet and IP Networks Quality of Service (QoS) Duration: 10 hours

Transmission Systems

Transmission Systems training, the historical development of transmission systems, development, during which the technologies,

the points where these technologies today, Transmission Fundamentals, Fundamentals of M, PDH systems, SONET systems,

SDH Systems, Backbone network covers issues such as application examples.

PL4C Technology Solutions, Transmission System Training within the scope of our training:

Optical communication technology and measurement techniques, time: 20 hours

Networks Carrier Ethernet, Metro Networks and Next Generation SDH Features Length: 20 hours

T-MPLS & GMPLS Principles and Technology Duration: 20 hours

Transmission Performance of an Ethernet: Ethernet Test-transmission path and the Scope of the WAN TCP / IP Time: 20 hours

ATM for Carrier Networks Duration: 20 hours

PDH, PCM and Technology Duration: 20 hours

"Classic" from the SDH "Next Generation SDH" e​​-Installation, Testing and Management Duration: 20 hours

WDM - WDM Networks Principles - Optical Fiber in Terabit Speeds Time: 20 hours

Standard compliant with G. OTN​​-Optical Communication Networks (Optical transport networks) Input Time: 20 hours

Network Quality-Senkronisazyon, Jitter, Wander and Measurements Length: 20 hours

Access Networks
Under this heading, the trainings, the participants of today's trends with large ribs ways of reaching the end-user audio , television and data services are provided in a single This course allows participants to access their networks, access networks, and variety of the services provided through the Triple Play (3-Application) enhance knowledge of current issues in practice, they are missing or they want to specialize in senior issues to be familiar with intended.

Trainings in the field of Access Networks;

Audio and Video Quality Measurement (VQA) Duration: 20 hours

Data Communication Lines: xDSL/X.25/FR/ATM/ISDN Installation, Functions, Test Application Time: 20 hours

Measurement of high-speed phone lines, DSL Transmission Systems

Principles for Quality Test Duration: 20 hours

Triple Play and IP-TV over IP Video Service Duration: 20 hours

MPEG & IP-TV and IP for Digital Televisions TVMPEG Duration: 10 hours

Digital TV and Services: CATV / HFC Networks, DOCSIS, DVB / MPEG Duration: 20 hours

Wireless, Mobile and EMF

Under this heading, the trainings, the participants of today's trends with large ribs ways of reaching the end-user audio, television and data services are provided in a single channel, "Triple-Play" on the practices, purposes, the opportunity to learn more.     This course allows participants to access their networks, access networks, and variety of the services provided through the Triple Play (3-Application) enhance knowledge of current issues in practice, they are missing or they want to specialize in senior issues to be familiar with intended.

 Trainings in the field of Access Networks;

Audio and Video Quality Measurement (VQA) Duration: 20 hours

Data Communication Lines: xDSL/X.25/FR/ATM/ISDN Installation, Functions, Test Application Time: 20 hours
Measurement of high-speed phone lines, DSL Transmission Systems

Principles for Quality Test Duration: 20 hours

Triple Play and IP-TV over IP Video Service Duration: 20 hours

MPEG & IP-TV and IP for Digital Televisions TVMPEG Duration: 10 hours

Digital TV and Services: CATV / < HFC" ">HFC Networks, DOCSIS, DVB / MPEG Duration: 20 hours